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A client-server architecture is a networked computer system in which one or more servers are used to provide information and services to other computers, typically over a network. A server is a program or set of programs that enables the sharing of information and services over a network. Servers may be dedicated to provide information or services to other computers or may alternatively be shared by multiple users. Generally speaking, a server is a computer program that executes on a computer system and is designed to respond to requests for resources, such as information, stored in the server's memory. A distributed storage architecture can be used to provide information and services from a centralized, often server-based, network of computers to multiple users (referred to as clients). Distributed storage architectures may utilize a combination of servers and client computers, for example, where a client computer is used to access a portion of the information in a distributed storage system. In distributed storage architectures, the information is stored in one or more files. A file is a container that may store content, such as text, images, audio, or video. Files may be stored on one or more servers. An example of a distributed file system is Coda®, which is available from Apple Computer, Inc. of Cupertino, Calif. In Coda, the clients are referred to as "browsers" because they access and present files stored in the distributed file system. Coda is an example of a client-server architecture that makes use of a distributed file system. Coda and other distributed file systems are described in various documents available from Apple Computer, Inc., including the "Coda® User Guide", and various patents and patent applications that describe various aspects of the Coda system, such as U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,209,002; 6,032,216; 6,092,066; 6,104,983; and 6,157,831. To access a file stored in a distributed file system, a browser typically sends a request to a client computer to retrieve a file. The request includes a "file handle" that refers to the file to be retrieved. Typically, the file handle refers to the address of the file in the distributed file system. In Coda, for example, the file handle is referred to as a "cookie" or a "cookie handle". The client computer then sends the file handle to the server. The server locates the file and sends it to the client computer. In the distributed file system




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